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The ULTIMATE Freeflying and camera helmet!

The NVERTIGO X™ allows both the weekend jumper and the camera man to be able to customize their headgear to suit their needs.

Carbon Fire™ technology makes this carbon fiber & Kevlar® reinforced shell the most advanced open face helmet designed specifically for fast, vertical flight.

The NVERTIGO-X™ freefly helmet features our new protected audible shelf system that allows the user to configure up to 2 audible altimeters. The back edge of the shelf creates a small ridge that helps to prevent losing an audible due to riser slap.

The NVERTIGO-X™ freefly helmet also features a much cleaner surface allowing cameras to be mounted to both the left side or the top. Even if the jumper doesn't fly any cameras the helmet is still aesthetically striking and clean looking.

The NVERTIGO-X™ also features our awesome SKY DIAL™ tightening system. The SKY DIAL™ adjusts the circumference of BOTH the forehead and the back of the neck providing better comfort and fit.

To tighten the SKY DIAL™ simply twist to desired tightness and it remains locked. When the center button is depressed, the SKY DIAL™ releases tension and loosens the helmet for removal.

Design Features:

  • Unbeatable comfort.
  • Flat top and side mounting surfaces for video and still cameras.
  • Innovative SKY DIAL™ tightening system.
  • Dual Audible Altimeter ports fit ALL major brands of audibles (Pro-Track, Time-Out! & Skytronic Pro).
  • Compatible with upcoming side-mount digital video camera bracket and camera platform.
  • Perfect for the competitor, weekender and even TANDEM MASTERS!
  • Available in sizes S/M & L/XL.

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F027Sky Systems, Nvertigo-X Open Face Camera Helmet$330.00 Each

All prices quoted are in Australian Dollars and are subject to change without notice.

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