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The main features also include the following:

  • Keep a graphical record of extremely detailed freefall information.
  • Wide variety of methods to chronicle skydives and list statistics.
  • 3 different search levels:
      - Simple
      - Advanced
      - Sophisticated end-user SQL queries
  • Tons of printable reports.

  • Edit in any pre-defined report, or create your own reports with the easy-to-use End-User-Report-Designer.
  • Create your own Formations or use the incorporated FAI/IPC   Dive pool in the advanced drawing section.
  • Flexible export option to export any sort of data to comma-delimited or tab-delimited text files.
  • Graphical presentation of skydives in charts.
  • Add digital video or stills into your reports.

When combined with data captured by the Pro-Track audible altimeter and freefall computer facilitates accurate record keeping of an individual's skydives in a user-friendly Windows environment.

Offers jump data analysis, the ability to synchronize freefall video, time placing of pictures on a freefall curve and comparison/tracking of skydives by integrating a graphical analysis tool, with an easy to use, highly detailed electronic logbook.


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Jump-Track Software and PC Interface is specifically designed to work with the
Audible Altimeter & Freefall Computer

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I014Jump-Track CD and Interface$140.00 Each

All prices quoted are in Australian Dollars and are subject to change without notice.

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