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PRO-TRACKô: The most advanced, user friendly, and accessible audible altimeter/electronic logbook/freefall computer available to skydivers.

PRO-TRACKô: Has everything you would ever want in an audible altimeter. L&B has developed new  advances in speed calculation so that skydivers can now record and compare their freefall speeds accurately.

PRO-TRACKô: Compatible with the new  JUMP-TRACKô Electronic Logbook Software and the DATA-TRACKô PC Interface.

Although information collected by PRO-TRACKô can be easily viewed on its large LCD view screen, PRO-TRACKô in combination with the DATA-TRACKô PC Interface allows the skydiver to download information collected to a PC computer and have a graphical record of extremely detailed freefall information.


  3 selectable warning altitudes.
  3 Warning Memory Banks.
  1st and 2nd warnings: Different pulsating tones.
  3rd warning: High pitched siren!
  Your choice of 1, 2 or 3 warnings.
  Choice of LO or HI warning alarm volume.

Logbook section

  Continuously stores detailed information about the last 200 jumps, including: Date, jump number, dive type, exit altitude, opening altitude, freefall time and four different speed readings for:
- Maximum speed.
- Average speed.
- Average Speed of the first half of the dive.
- Average speed of the the Second half of the dive.
  Choice of speed readings in mph and ft/sec, or km/h and m/sec.
  Choice of altitude readings in feet or meters.
  Previously accumulated freefall time and number of jumps can be programmed into the PRO-TRACKô.
  Accumulates the total number of jumps and freefall time up to 10,000 jumps.
  Preprogramming of dive type.


  PRO-TRACKô is compatible with JUMP-TRACKô Electronic Freefall Logbook PC Software for downloading of collected information detailing the last 200 jumps and graphical records of extremely detailed freefall information for the last 10 jumps.
  Choice of Economic or Automatic modes to conserve battery.
  No data is lost when replacing batteries.
  Real time clock.
  New technology advances in speed calculation have been developed by Larsen & Brusgaard so that skydivers can now record and compare their freefall speeds accurately.

Thin, ergonomic, comfortable,
curved design.

Dimensions: 2-1/4" x 1-3/4" x Ĺ"
(58 x 43 x 11mm)


Replacement batteries available from Parachutes Australia Part Number I017


Larsen & Brusgaard audible altimeters are constructed from the most advanced technologies available.

The "guts" of our units feature the most sensitive pressure components, state of the art processors,  6 printed layer circuit boards and memory chips.

Years of research & development have been made to create the PRO-TRACK. What this means to you is that we take quality and technology very seriously... and it shows in every unit we make!


Helmet / Goggle
mounting clip included.

Quickly and easily mount your Pro-Track to your goggles or helmet with the secure mounting clip and zip-ties.



for Accuracy Readings.

For the most accurate readings possible, Pro-Track can be used as a freefall computer only. By mounting the unit on the leg in the cleanest airflow with this accessory (sold separately), you can get extremely accurate information detailing your jump.



Pro-Dytter can be quickly and easily attached to a pair of goggles or glasses with this accessory. (sold separately)


Logbook software and PC Interface sold separately
Compatible with PC software.
Spare Batteries Included.

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Partnumber Decription Price Order Information
I015Pro-Track Audible Altimeter$440.00 Each
I014Jump-Track CD and Interface$140.00 Each

All prices quoted are in Australian Dollars and are subject to change without notice.

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