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Freefly friendly low profile reserve ripcords.

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Exciting -   New -   Innovative
Harness & Container designs.

The Talon 3 has been developed to a standard of technical excellence and superb comfort. These features come from many years of development, testing and experience, with the parameters of all skydiving styles in mind. The Talon 3 features smooth clean lines, minimal use of velcro and offers the option of F.A.S.T. and MULTI-FLEX harness technology.

  • The Talon 3 is manufactured to suit your choice of main and reserve parachutes.
  • Available in a full range of Cordura fabric colours.
  • Option to have Name embroidered.
Reserve Container Features:
  • 1-Pin, Low Profile, Integrated Closure Flap.
  • Molar Reserve Free Bag with Bridle Assist Pockets.
  • High Drag Stealth Pilotchute.
  • Internal Reserve Riser Covers.
  • Cypres ready.
  • Reserve Static Line (RSL) Ready.
Main Container Features:
  • Full metal release housing.
  • 30" zero porosity pilot chute
    (33" F111 for talon size T6 and above).
  • Kill-line collapsible main bridle, with Kevlar reinforcement tape at high friction area.
  • BOC deployment.
  • Split main deployment bag with press stud
Harness Features:
  • Proven "5 points of fit" harness geometry.
  • F.A.S.T. or Multiflex harness design
  • Reinforced Type 17 Mini Risers.
  • High density shoulder and leg padding.

Standard features and options included in the base price of the Talon 3 are:-

Component Parts:-

Main Deployment Bag
Main Pilot Chute with Kill-line Collapsible Bridle
Main Risers with Front Riser Handles
Main and Reserve Toggles
Reserve Freebag & Pilot Chute
Reserve Static Line (RSL) Ready
Cypress Ready
Monkey Fist main pilot chute Handle

Options Included:-

Multiflex or F.A.S.T harness configurations
Velcro or Velcroless riser & toggle systems
Standard or low profile reserve handles
Piping or Pin striping
Personalised Embroidery

** Stainless Steel Hardware and a Reserve Static Line (RSL) are options that costs additional to our base price. Refer to our price list and Talon order form for further details.

Damien Atkinson over Port McQuarie
Damien Atkinson over Port McQuarie
More Talon3 Specs


Reserve container features
Main container features

Harness features
Lower main lift web & leg strap

Main riser covers
Full metal 3 ring release housings

Low profile reserve handle (optional)
Enhanced main and reserve tuck flaps

Reserve freebag inflatable bridle assist pockets
Multiflex harness configuration


Price Comparison
against other Rigs

Lower Main Lift Web & Leg Strap
The Lower Main Lift Web & Leg Strap junction features a totally new design that results in unparalleled levels of comfort & fit providing fully independent adjustment around the upper leg with total articulation around the hip ring resulting in total freedom of movement.

F.A.S.T. Harness Design - (Patent No. 5,277,348)

F.A.S.T. Fully Articulated Suspension Technology ®.

A modern harness configuration with high strength forged steel rings located at the hip junction for complete freedom of movement.

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Main Riser Covers

The Main Riser Covers provide maximum riser protection by allowing only the 3-ring hardware to be exposed. Contoured shoulder & chest shaping with high density padding provide superior comfort.

Full Metal 3-ring Housings
Both the 3-ring & Reserve Ripcord housings are attached to their pockets in such a way that the cables remain covered & protected in all attitudes of flight.

The optional "Low Profile" Reserve Handle

In catering to all disciplines of flight we have designed a shallower version of the commonly used metal "D" Reserve handle to provide additional protection.

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Enhanced Main & Reserve Tuck Flaps

The Reserve Tuck Flaps have been enhanced to hold completely whilst the bottom pocket smoothes out the profile keeping any lines from snagging. The internal pin pocket protects the pin from being dislodged. The Main Tuck Flaps have also been enhanced & designed for easy use whilst providing the utmost protection at all times.

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Reserve Freebag inflatable Bridle Assist Pockets

Inflatable Bridle Assist Pockets that are unique to the Talon & Telesis systems allow air to be captured resulting in the bridle being more able to not only assist the pilotchute in a more rapid normal deployment but also better allow the bridle to deploy the freebag in the case of a horseshoe or similar malfunction.
Multi-flex Harness Configuration

The Multi-flex Harness provides unequaled levels of comfort & flexibility plus we are now able to offer you the option of Full Stainless Steel Hardware with the introduction of Stainless Steel Hip & Chest Rings along with the already available Stainless Steel 3-rings & or Leg & Chest Adjusters.

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Velcroless riser and toggle system standard or velcro option.

Our innovative velcroless toggle system includes:-

  • Fully enclosed top toggle pocket to prevent the slider from dislodging the toggle on opening.
  • The bottom toggle tab sits neatly into a pocket that cannot be dislodged during openingshock.
  • Steam lined with integrity maintained by the absence of any grommets.

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Price: $0.00

All prices quoted are in Australian Dollars and are subject to change without notice.

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